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“Keep your house and its surroundings pure and clean. This hygiene will keep you healthy and benefit your worldly life.”


Vastu Shastra is an ancient science of architecture which derives its roots from Vedic literature, the same place Ayurveda attributes its birth to. While Ayurveda balances your internal energies, Vastu balances the energy outside. The energies released by your surroundings are balanced by Vastu and is absorbed by your body.

However, if your body’s energy balance is internally not strong, the positive energies generated through Vastu would then go waste and can prove to be counter-productive also. It is therefore always recommended to supplement Vastu with an internal balancing mechanism like Ayurveda and vice versa. To know more about how the energies present within you and how to balance them, the Vastu specialist of Vidim Ayurveda is always at your service.