Full Body Spa Therapies


Abhyanga is a form of Ayurvedic medicine that involves massage of the body with Dosha-specific warm herb-infused oil. The oil is commonly pre-mixed with herbs for specific conditions. Light pressure is applied on sensitive areas, nerve endings such as soles of the feet and palms and base of the fingers. After a healing massage, the oil is left on the body to do its magic. Ayurveda mentions in details about 108 vital energy points on the body, called as Marma points. These are major energy points which when stimulated by right pressure and herbal oils give fantastic results over a period of time.

Benefits of the Ayurvedic full body massage and steam taken for a prescribed time are:

  1. Relieves Fatigue & stress.
  2. Pacifies the complete nervous system,constantly under stress.
  3. Increases strength.
  4. Improves the quality of sleep.
  5. Improves digestion
  6. Gives healthy & glowing skin.
  1. Provides strength and increases the immunity
  2. Builds resistance to injuries & quicker healing.
  3. Increases motivation & focus.
  4. Improves vision.
  5. Helps in release of toxins.
  6. Highly Rejuvenating.

Abhyanga is also used to relieve pain and stiffness and facilitate free movement of the joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Thus it is also used as a palliative therapy in the following chronic disorders:

  1. Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Neurological pains and aches, Gout , Osteo –arthritis
  2. Spondylitis, scoliosis, spinal disc bulge/prolapse, chronic fatigue syndrome and other joints and musculoskeletal disorders.


The word ‘Udvartana’ is used for the most unique body treatment in Ayurveda which helps to lose weight when taken regularly as prescribed by our Ayurvedic Physician. It is a special Ayurvedic massage with special herbal powders mixed with therapeutic herbal oils, which are rubbed all over the body vigorously to improve your body’s firmness and tone, helps lymphatic drainage thus reducing subcutaneous fat and weight, deep cleansing and exfoliating the skin leaving it soft and glowing.

Udvartana body treatment benefits:

  1.  Reduces cellulite/ subcutaneous fat tissue.
  2.  When taken as a part of a treatment program including an Ayurvedic diet plan, regular exercise or Yoga & appropriate internal Ayurvedic herbal remedies as prescribed by the Ayurvedic physician, it helps to reduce weight & gives a well-toned body over a period of time.
  3.  Improves skin complexion.
  4.  Cleanses & revitalises the skin and removes body odour.
  1.  Better skin tone – even if you are losing weight with exercises or other forms of diet etc.
  2.  The best benefit of Udvartana, even when taken as a one off treatment is that ,it is one of very few treatments that not only de-stresses you, but also has an invigorating or energising effect.
  3.  Blockages in the blood vessels are removed & open pores, relieving body stiffness, facilitating better absorption of oils through the skin.


Swedana Ayurvedic Steam Bath Therapy is a procedure which is used to induce sweating. The therapy uses steam generated from medicated herbal decoctions to induce sweat or perspiration. This treatment is used to relieve toxin from the body. This therapy is ideal to establish a state of balance and also promote general health and well-being.

Therapeutic Benefits:

  1.  It is useful for stiffness, cold and all conditions of stagnation
  2.  It gives relief from general body aches
  3.  Helps to ease sore muscles
  4.  Gives relief from joint pain
  1.  It helps to beautify the skin
  2.  Helps to reduce inflammation
  3.  Helps to relieve stress
  4.  Eliminates toxins

“Life is not merely to be alive, but to be well.”